Young Adults Leadership Forum 2020

Theme: Identity Formation & Problem-Solving Skills

Through Parables, Proverbs, Preventive & Renewal Education

Christian Faith Edition: 1st - 29th August 2020

A word from the Speaker:

“Say No, To Depression, Bye-Bye, To Confusion, Never, Ever, To Breakdown. I want to help you get around and over your personal challenges. No matter what you are facing right now; relationship, academic, job/career, finances or family: there is a way around it, over it, and above it, with problem-solving skills!

Every young adult is a leader heading to the front seat of life. Don’t let problems depress you. Managing problems and leading one’s life (and that of family, friends, organisation, community and country) is what LEADERS do.

You need the skills for problem-solving. You want to be equipped before another rainy day in your life, or that of family and friends while you watch helplessly and wish you knew better to help.

I can help you because I live with problem-solving every day (starting off as a young professional manager & leader in 1987). I have continued, 33 years of problem-solving to date; people and organisation. As a Fellow of the Australian/NZ Institute of Managers & Leaders, FIML, I do no less, year to year, mentoring others to do the same (through IML’s community support programme).

I never, ever, give up with problem-solving, and now, I want to help you, firstly, resolve your problems and to prepare for the next one! Secondly, as an educationist, I want to equip you so that you too can start helping other young people. Your best gift to friends is to help them resolve their problems.

If you learn problem-solving skills and reconstruct your identity, you have just added value to your life. Then, you will find out that those good young people, and just about anyone else, would want to be your friends. They know when something about you has changed: Self-worth. Self-value. Self-image. So, instead of wanting to be like them, they want what you’ve got. Friends are then yours for the choosing!

Without timely help, your capacity, confidence, and identity for problem-solving are at risk. So, I spent four years researching the cultural processes of individualism and identity formation. I travelled all-around to training institutions from QLD, NSW, to WA, where 80% of my student Sample were young Australians. I stayed with them, worked with them, listened to their voices, and made a qualitative sense of their lived experience.

I did so as part of my Calling to learning, teaching, and ministry, and my passion for people, purpose and potential, with a special focus on young people.

So, I have toiled to bring you the sweet fruits, critical tools, for continuous breakthroughs all the days of your life. All for free. This is what Life ‘N’ Truth for Young Adults is all about”.

Discerning Truth, Fact(s) And Shadow Of A Problem:

Are You Facing The Truth To Root Out The Problem Or Facing The Shadow And Never Resolving It?

Life & Truth For Young Adults With Paul E. Momoh

Excerpts from Previous Session 1/8/2020 On
Identity Formation And Capacity For Problem-Solving.

"The more you conquer yourself the more you become capable. Self-control gives you Problem-control.

"Developing your self-control now builds up your potential for problem-control:

When you do, even your friends will take notice. You become valuable and treasured, helping them, your family, and society, to resolve problems. Your self-value, self-image and identity then rises through the roof."

"If you don’t learn self-control today, you cannot defeat problems in your life nor stop problems from attacking your future success."

"Life's problems?: God may get you out the front door, yet you are right back in through the back door by yourself. Until you take self-control, your God-given potential for problem-control lies defeated."

"So it was with Alexander the Great:

He conquered the known world of his time through the front door. He could not conquer himself. He died defeated by himself through the back door."

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